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Difference Between Go-Karts and ATVs

A common question we’re asked at SM Motorsports is if Go-Karts and ATVs are the same, or which would win in a race. The short answer is that when you…
atv on sand dune

ATV Buying Guide

You’ve decided that it’s finally time. You’re ready to buy an ATV and really start enjoying the great outdoors! When you start looking to buy an ATV, it is easy…
atv for sale in north carolina

ATV Maintenance Tips

Just as you would any other vehicle, an ATV needs routine care and maintenance to keep it performing at a peak level. Similar to maintaining a car, ATVs need frequent…
dirt back rear brake system

Most Common Parts to Fail on a Dirt Bike

All things get old and eventually need replacing. But in the case of dirt bikes, it seems as though some parts age much quicker…and therefore need replacing…for more often than…