Most Common Parts to Fail on a Dirt Bike

All things get old and eventually need replacing. But in the case of dirt bikes, it seems as though some parts age much quicker…and therefore need replacing…for more often than other parts.

Thankfully, any dirt bike enthusiast knows exactly where to go to find replacement dirt bike parts. At any rate, the average rider should anticipate the following dirt bike parts to need replacing sooner, or more often, than others.


Even the most casual of dirt bike riders can burn through a clutch relatively quickly. Thankfully, most clutch repalcements consister of the drive plates, clutch plates (also known as the clutch pack). To help extend the life of your dirt bike clutch, try to lay off it a bit and do your best to avoid racing around the motocross track every weekend.

mechanic assembling a dirt bike clutch


The chain on a dirt bike is the workhouse of the bike. The chain is propels the bike, spins round and round at a high rate, zips the rider from zero to full throttle in a matter of seconds, and is mere inches above the ground enduring a barrage of dirt, mud, rocks, and more.

Even with all that wear and tear, dirt bike chains actually tend to hold up pretty well. But since in order to ride a dirt bike, the chain has to be in use, dirt bike chains are often one of the parts that fail, and thus need replacing, more often than others.


On a dirt bike, the Piston is a solid block fixed to a crank shaft in a cylinder. Combustion happens on top of the piston, firing the piston downward repeatedly. The piston captures and transfers the energy from combustion. While this process seems like a well-oiled machine, a lot can go wrong when the piston fails. The piston can seize which results in our next dirt bike part failing…

Crankshaft Bearings

If the Piston represents the top half of a dirt bike engine, then the Crankshaft, seals, gaskets, and crankshaft bearings represent the bottom half. It is the crankshaft bearings that fail more than anything else here. Once the bearings fail, usually by seizing, the result is a broken crank or rod. Coming back full circle back to the piston…if the piston seizes, you can expect a broken crankshaft, which will result in a complete rebuild of your engine.


It is honestly amazing how the brake system on dirt bikes don’t fail more often. Brakes on a dirt bike consist of rotors, pads, levers, lines, calipers, and a clevis. In order to bring a dirt bike to a stop, all these pieces must work together in unison. Typically, the pads and/or the rotor are the first components to go, but with the near constant pounding of rocks and debris from dirt biking, eventually the brakes…well, break.

dirt back rear brake system


This may seem like a no-brainer, but the more you ride the quicker your tires will wear out and need replacing. Motocross causes extreme wear and tear on dirt bike tires. They trek through mud, rocks, debris, and more zipping around the track or through your favorite local trail. Tires should be replaces once the tread on them becomes too low or feels unsafe to ride.

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