ATV Buying Guide

You’ve decided that it’s finally time. You’re ready to buy an ATV and really start enjoying the great outdoors! When you start looking to buy an ATV, it is easy to feel overwhelmed at all the options available. With our ATV Buying Guide, we hope to provide clarity on the ATV buying process to help you purchase the right ATV.

But First!

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t give you fair warning. ATVs come in all shapes and sizes, with varying engines, and a seemingly endless amoutn of purposes. Some ATVs need less maintenance, while others will require constant browsing for ATV parts for sale.

Before you go any further, you need to decide how you will want to use your ATV, and then buy accordingly because not all ATVs are the same. Now that we’ve cleared that up, here are some of the most common types of ATVs along with details about each to help you make an informed purchase.

atv on sand dune

Youth ATVs

As the name implies, Youth ATVs are designed for children or young teens. These ATVs are equipped with a smaller engine that typically ranges in the 50cc to 125cc. Furthermore, Youth ATVs typically have an automatic engine stop should the rider fall off, preventing the driver/rider from being dragged with the vehicle. Very often, these ATVs have weight restrictions as they are children’s models and usually one-seaters. You can expect to purchase a Youth ATV within the price range of $600-$3000.

Utility ATVs

Utility ATVs are by far the most popular ATV model, and is often used for work purposes. Engine sizes range from 250cc to 700cc. Many farmers, agricultural workers, and hunters make use of Utility ATVs, as they are perfect for tackling the most difficult terrain while being able to carry heavy loads. A potential downside to their utility and multi-use capability is that Utility ATVs may require more maintenance regularly. A new Utility ATV will typically cost $10,000 or more, although you can likely find a used model for less than that amount.

utility atv for hunting

Sport ATVs

As the name implies, Sport ATVs are best utilized for racing, doing tricks, and “supe-ing” up. Sport ATV models are designed to much lighter than a utility ATV, packed with extra suspension for jumps and tight turns. Their engines range from 250cc to 700cc and come ready to be accessorized and suped up however you’d like. Sport ATVs are the types of ATVs used in racing and extreme sports. You can expect pay anywhere from $3,500 for used Sport ATVs to $10,000 or more for brand new.

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